Video and a small college newspaper

The Sports Editor at the Whitman Pioneer has started to become somewhat interested in videotaping events and posting the content online. We’re thinking of videotaping some volleyball, basketball, soccer, and tennis games next year and then posting the content with the articles when they publish as well as on a separate video page.

However, the problem is that currently our tech staff consists of one, me. I try to balance getting all of the web stuff done while also helping staff develop ideas they have that need someone tech-savvy. Since video editing takes time and people what do you think is more important: videos in conjunction with articles or videos as stand-alone pieces (almost more like a separate section to the online site)? To put it another way: if you could only put the resources into one avenue would you work to videotape a few sporting events and lectures a year that would otherwise go untaped or conduct video interviews with people as part of current articles?

I want to hear ideas because I honestly don’t know what’s more important. What have you guys and gals out there done? What would you rather see as a reader? Sound off below.