Video and a small college newspaper

The Sports Edi­tor at the Whit­man Pio­neer has started to become some­what inter­ested in video­tap­ing events and post­ing the con­tent online. We’re think­ing of video­tap­ing some vol­ley­ball, bas­ket­ball, soc­cer, and ten­nis games next year and then post­ing the con­tent with the arti­cles when they pub­lish as well as on a sep­a­rate video page.

How­ever, the prob­lem is that cur­rently our tech staff con­sists of one, me. I try to bal­ance get­ting all of the web stuff done while also help­ing staff develop ideas they have that need some­one tech-savvy. Since video edit­ing takes time and peo­ple what do you think is more impor­tant: videos in con­junc­tion with arti­cles or videos as stand-alone pieces (almost more like a sep­a­rate sec­tion to the online site)? To put it another way: if you could only put the resources into one avenue would you work to video­tape a few sport­ing events and lec­tures a year that would oth­er­wise go untaped or con­duct video inter­views with peo­ple as part of cur­rent articles?

I want to hear ideas because I hon­estly don’t know what’s more impor­tant. What have you guys and gals out there done? What would you rather see as a reader? Sound off below.

2 Responses to “Video and a small college newspaper”

  1. I think sport­ing events and lec­tures are two sep­a­rate things. Video from sport­ing events, espe­cially small lib­eral arts col­leges, would be more engag­ing if it were should inter­views or clips of the high­lights. With lec­tures, how­ever, I could fore­see instances in which the com­mu­nity might want to see the entire thing. You could even mash up the two by doing an inter­view with the speaker at the end as the teaser for the entire lecture.

  2. I think it’s hard to gen­er­al­ize and say, “just do this type over that type.”

    I would rec­om­mend look­ing for the best and most com­pelling sto­ry­telling oppor­tu­ni­ties. Some­times that may be game high­lights or it may be a video to com­ple­ment a story. Or it could be a video that just stands alone as it’s own story.

    I’d also say try a bit of every­thing that makes sense for the Pio and see what kind of video users prefer.