Bookmarks for May 18th through May 19th

In order to share what I’ve found to be useful/interesting/etc. while brows­ing around below are my links for May 18th through May 19th. You can find my full set of book­marks at my Deli­cious account.

  • 8 CSS tips for bet­ter link­ing — Good tips on design­ing links to be more user-friendly and infor­ma­tive. Some inter­est­ing exam­ples and practices.
  • The Dol­lar Redesign Project | The Min­istry of Type — Inter­est­ing sum­mary of the Dol­lar Redesign Project. I agree that it’s far past time for our ban­knotes to get a fresh face. I also like the exam­ple given in the arti­cle that uses colour to denote value.
  • China at the cross­roads — A fas­ci­nat­ing series by The Guardian about China and the trou­bles it’s fac­ing as a result of the envi­ron­ment and the global finan­cial crisis.