AP goes to war with search engines and blogs

Ed Mor­ris­sey writes of the AP’s idi­otic plan to limit link­ing to their pieces:

Let’s just call it the Fast Track to AP Irrel­e­vance.  With­out a doubt, the new pol­icy will have a chill­ing effect on blogs and aggre­ga­tors who nor­mally link to their con­tent.  Unfor­tu­nately for the AP, that won’t result in an increase of rev­enues, but in hav­ing the entire online world ignore the AP.  The Times itself dis­cov­ered this dynamic when it put its colum­nists behind the $50 dol­lar Fire­wall of San­ity.  Not only did the world fail to beat down their door to regain access to Mau­reen Dowd, Frank Rich, and Bob Her­bert, they also dis­cov­ered that their colum­nists became all but invis­i­ble in the rapidly-growing and influ­en­tial New Media.

This just makes no sense to me and I would love to hear how Tom Cur­ley thinks that this actu­ally demon­strates any remote under­stand­ing of the web. If this is how the Asso­ci­ated Press thinks that it is going to suc­ceed online and even stay remotely rel­e­vant then it will die even faster than we think.