Twitter and its plan to run advertising

I wanted to jot down two quick thoughts about Twitter’s announce­ment ear­lier today.

First, the money for Twit­ter is not going to be in run­ning ads against search terms. I just do not think most peo­ple use Twit­ter as a way to con­sis­tently search for infor­ma­tion. Google can get away with this because a search engine is not tra­di­tion­ally a per­sonal thing. Google lever­ages the power of the many, Twit­ter relies upon rela­tion­ships between users.

Twitter’s true value in adver­tis­ing, is going to lie in lever­ag­ing what it knows about users you fol­low. If Hunch is able to build some­thing that pre­dicts tastes based upon fol­low­ing habits Twit­ter ought to able to develop some­thing sim­i­lar to deliver tar­geted recommendations.

This last part is what has me actu­ally excited about adver­tis­ing on Twit­ter. This could be huge. It could take the type of recommendation-engine that is true of adver­tis­ing on The Deck and Fusion Ads and extrap­o­late it to a ser­vice with mil­lions of users.