Mark Pesce at Webstock

Mark Pesce’s blog the human net­work is a must read and he just pub­lished the full video of his talk at Web­stock. The tran­script was posted back in Feb­ru­ary but the video is well worth watching.

Here are some scat­tered anno­ta­tions on what Pesce discusses:

  • The arrival of the web as appli­ance (14:00)
  • The depth of a uni­ver­sally con­nected world is the indi­vid­ual (~18:00)
  • Once mean­ing is exposed it can be manip­u­lated (20:00)
  • Books are stand­ing on a thresh­old (23:30)
  • Per­sonal health and med­ica­tion man­age­ment (or, the con­cept of a device as an inter­face to our­selves) (28:00)