Function Vs. Form

Find­ing hap­pi­ness in a world teem­ing with infor­ma­tion and products:

Hap­pi­ness is eas­ier to find when you don’t fill your life with all that clut­ter and that is the rea­son I have been think­ing about all of this lately. It feels all too daunt­ing to live a life so crammed full with infor­ma­tion and con­stantly chang­ing stan­dards to keep track of. I search for ways to find a bal­anc­ing point, a calm among the mad­ness of life spin­ning around me. Its strange to think that the prod­ucts we cre­ate and con­sume are becom­ing as much a part of us as the real world expe­ri­ences they were built to aid us in.

Quote from Func­tion Vs. Form by John Carey.