Minimal Stream, a WordPress theme

I had extra time this week­end and decided I wanted to take a crack at mak­ing a really min­i­mal Word­Press theme. The prod­uct is now on Github and I’m call­ing it Min­i­mal Stream.

It’s a one-column theme that includes sup­port for asides, gal­leries, and sta­tuses. Def­i­nitely noth­ing fancy but that’s just what I was going for. You can see it run­ning now on this site so hop on over and take a look.

The first pass doesn’t include styles for tables and surely has some dis­play bugs but I’ll be mak­ing some updates this week.

8 Responses to “Minimal Stream, a WordPress theme”

  1. Hi Andrew, just wanted to say thanks for dis­trib­ut­ing your theme!

    I’ve looked at many, and in my mind it’s the top min­i­mal word­press theme for this sort of site. Fan­tas­tic job.