A little truth leaks out

What’s remarkable about [David Frum, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, and Paul Krugman], what gives me hope that there may be a way out of the bigger mess, of which this month’s meltdown is just a sympton, is that finally blogging is effectively routing around MSM. If you want to hear from smart people who know what they’re talking about, and who aren’t spinning, you can.

This is why blogging is important.

Dave Winer – A little truth leaks out.


Pok Pok

Had delicious Thai food tonight at Pok Pok. The wings, in particular, were spicy and scrumptious.


I was going to comment with WordPress theme and code tips on a blog post today. Instead, the only option was Facebook comments with no fallback. It makes no sense to me that you’d control publication of your content while simultaneously making interaction with it contingent upon a single, corporate platform.

Why Google cares if you use your real name

There’s a very simple business reason why Google cares if they have your real name. It means it’s possible to cross-relate your account with your buying behavior with their partners, who might be banks, retailers, supermarkets, hospitals, airlines. To connect with your use of cell phones that might be running their mobile operating system. To provide identity in a commerce-ready way. And to give them information about what you do on the Internet, without obfuscation of pseudonyms.

Simply put, a real name is worth more than a fake one.

Dave Winer – Why Google cares if you use your real name.

Portland WordPress User Group

Hanging out at the user group meeting tonight talking the basics of WordPress.


Working on a Sunday is a great excuse to make yourself a nice hot breakfast.