The frivolous college

Whit­man Col­lege, my alma mater, sent these out to all grad­u­ates the other week. It’s a mini, lam­i­nated diploma “to put in your wal­let or a very small frame.” This seems about the worst pos­si­ble way to spend funds.

When tuition is increas­ing along with cut­backs in staff why in the world is money being spent on friv­o­lous things like this?

If I choose to go to a small pri­vate col­lege with tuition over $40,000 it’s for the small class sizes, rela­tion­ships with pro­fes­sors, and oppor­tu­ni­ties to get involved in a vari­ety of things. 1 It’s not for a lam­i­nated mini diploma one year after graduation.

Instead of wast­ing money on cre­at­ing, lam­i­nat­ing, cut­ting, and mail­ing hun­dreds of these to grad­u­ates around the world Whit­man could have cov­ered the cost of books for a stu­dent who oth­er­wise would have to bor­row for them.


  1. Which Whit­man does pro­vide and I am thank­ful for and ben­e­fited from.