buckshot vs. rifle approaches

Many peo­ple try to do too much because they’re wor­ried they might miss doing some­thing that mat­ters. They want to do every­thing pos­si­ble, in case some of those things turn out to be important.

This is the buck­shot approach. Buck­shot spreads into many lit­tle pel­lets when it leaves the shot­gun — most will miss the tar­get, but that’s OK, because only some of the pel­lets need to hit. That’s fine for hunt­ing, but for liv­ing, I’d rec­om­mend the rifle approach.

The rifle shoots a much more tar­geted bul­let, with much more pow­er­ful impact. You aim at a spe­cific tar­get, and you don’t waste as much energy.

Leo Babauta — buck­shot vs. rifle approaches.

One Response to “buckshot vs. rifle approaches”

  1. In cus­tomer ser­vice, one must expect noth­ing but buck­shot and the be able to rifle’ize every pel­let on the fly before it lands.

    The very core of the web basi­cally boils down to, “wear a vest designed for buck­shot, but only ever carry a rifle.”