The infovegan

Infor­ma­tion con­sump­tion also has a con­sump­tion chain, just like food does. Most news, for instance, comes from a set of facts on the ground, that get processed, and processed and processed again before it ends up on your tele­vi­sion set boiled down into chunks for you to con­sume. But it also gets filled with addi­tives— expert opin­ion, analy­sis, visu­al­iza­tions, you name it— before it gets to you. If this was food, a vegan would want none of it. They’d head straight to the data, to the source, to the facts, and try and get as much of that addi­tive busi­ness out of their way.

Clay John­son — Why Infove­gan. via Daniel.