Write more about your newsroom

Last week I fol­lowed Lauren’s tweets about the Seat­tle Times’ move to a new build­ing. It was fun to see the pho­tos of packed up boxes and a news­room in-flux. Watch­ing all this over Twit­ter made me real­ize the oppor­tu­nity some­thing like this gives a news orga­ni­za­tion to open their news­room up.

There are a lot of inter­est­ing ques­tions that come up from a 24/7 oper­a­tion like a metro daily mov­ing to a new build­ing. Here are just a few I thought of:

  • Who is respon­si­ble for track­ing break­ing sto­ries while mov­ing? What type of plans did the Times have in place if a crit­i­cal story were to break while they moved?
  • In what ways does the pro­duc­tion cycle of a news story change when a good part of the news­room is pack­ing and mov­ing? What chal­lenges is the Times hav­ing to work around in the move?
  • How could the work­flow changes for effi­ciency made dur­ing the move be applied to the every­day process?
  • What were the goals for mov­ing to a new build­ing? Is the Times using it as an oppor­tu­nity to re-think some of the ways they’re organized?

Times like this make me wish news­rooms had some­one respon­si­ble for writ­ing about what goes on behind the scenes. If you want your com­mu­nity to feel like a part of what you do then open­ing up infor­ma­tion like this would be a great move, I think.