Rebooting my work schedule

One of the fan­tas­tic things about work­ing for Automat­tic is that I deter­mine a lot of how I work. The sched­ule, loca­tion, and sur­round­ings are all up to me. My co-workers are night owls, early ris­ers, home office, and café types. Most impor­tantly, we all work in the way that suits us.

Until Octo­ber of this year I worked solely from my home office. In Octo­ber Daniel and I started work­ing mostly out of PIE, which is a great loca­tion. Over the course of 2011 my loca­tion changed but my over­all sched­ule did not.

For a while now my sched­ule has looked some­thing like this:

  • Wake up around 7:00am
  • Start work­ing around 8:00am
  • Work solidly through till about 4:00pm with the occa­sional break

The prob­lem is that I have been grow­ing less and less effec­tive at work­ing this way. My effi­ciency, focus, and hap­pi­ness have been slip­ping. So, I’m going to change it up.

While I’ve been think­ing of chang­ing my sched­ule for a while a chat with a co-worker a cou­ple days ago and two serendip­i­tous arti­cles con­vinced me to try it now. I’m going to see how I get on work­ing in 90 minute incre­ments with 30 minute gaps.

This fits with how I nat­u­rally work when I work week­ends. Those days I fre­quently do more in 3 hours than I do in an entire work­day dur­ing the week. Granted, part of that is because fewer peo­ple are around. Still, I think it’s worth considering.

My plan for those 30 minute gap times is to do one of the fol­low­ing: read fic­tion, cook deli­cious food, go for a run, write some­thing long­hand to post here later.

My goal is to get back to where I was in early Octo­ber, a time when I was far more pro­duc­tive. Hope­fully this sched­ule and those breaks keep me sane while increas­ing what I do. After all, it’s what you actu­ally make that matters.

6 Responses to “Rebooting my work schedule”

  1. Look­ing for­ward to the posts you write on break. Way to shake it up, let us know how it goes.

  2. This sounds like a great way to keep things fresh…how is it going so far?

    PS It was great hav­ing you at the Port­land Blog­gers meet­ing at Tabor Space the other day. Thanks for answer­ing all of my ran­dom questions : )

    • It’s been going well. Just a few days in so the real mea­sure will be next week.

      You’re wel­come for the question-answering. Always happy to in case you have more. :)