Home, defined

Postmodern Tourism : An Interview with Pico Iyer:

I think that what she must have found, and most of us do too, is that home is essentially a set of values you carry around with you and, like a turtle or a snail or whatever, home has to be something that is part of you and can be equally a part of you wherever you are. I think that not having a home is a good inducement to creating a metaphysical home and to being able to see it in more invisible ways.

via Daniel.

View for today


My view for a day of reading. I’ve already caught up on my Instapaper backlog and plan to finish another book today.

Tri-Tip BBQ


This is going to be delicious!

Mt. Adams


Snapped while flying down to California on Wednesday. It’s pretty fun to think that one year ago I was climbing it.

The Strongest Man in the World

The Strongest Man in the World:

In the past five years, Shaw has added more than a hundred pounds to the svelte three hundred that he weighed at his first contest. “It gets old, it really does,” he said. “Sometimes you’re not hungry, but you have to eat anyway. Training is easy compared to that.” Pudzianowski once told an interviewer that his typical breakfast consisted of ten eggs and two to three pounds of bacon. “Between meals, I eat lots of candy,” he said.

The article is full of things that make you wonder how in the world someone can do that.

Farm view


The view today from Robyn’s farm outside of Corvallis.

New reading material


Picked this up at Powell’s today. Might take me a while to finish.