Making the WordPress fullscreen editor the default

A cou­ple weeks ago Patrick Rhone men­tioned that:

It is kind of sad that, in 2012, I have yet to see a blog­ging engine with a post edi­tor designed for doing the very thing we online writ­ers go there to do… Write.

Shawn Blanc men­tioned that WordPress has a built in fullscreen edi­tor that is pretty min­i­mal. He’s right, the fullscreen edi­tor is one of my favorite addi­tions from the past cou­ple years. The new media improve­ments are even better.

I decided to take a crack at mak­ing a plu­gin to auto­mat­i­cally enable the fullscreen edi­tor. Turns out it was actu­ally pretty easy to do. 6 lines of PHP and 3 lines of JavaScript later the plu­gin is live. I tested it in WordPress 3.5 with a few other things installed but the test­ing was by no means exten­sive. If you find any bugs feel free to open an issue on GitHub.

The code is hosted over on GitHub in case you want to give the plu­gin a spin. I’m pos­i­tive the plu­gin isn’t for every­one, that’s fine. :)