Pre-game Giants view


Great view with our pre-game tickets for this afternoon’s Giants vs. Padres game.

False Negatives in hiring

The Biggest Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Mistakes:

What impact can ignoring your Anti-Hires have? Well, if you are only aware of your false positives, you’ll tighten your screening criteria until you’re convinced that there are “just no good candidates out there”. Sound familiar? But is it really true? Not likely. It’s a big world out there. It’s only by knowing who you shouldn’t have missed, overlooked, or rejected that you can fully understand what constitutes a good candidate, how to identify them, and where to find them.

San Francisco


Great view from my hotel room. Can see from Alcatraz to the tip of the Golden Gate.

Hi: Narrative mapping the world

Hi: Narrative mapping the world:

The above describes two-tier publishing. That is — the sketch tier is your quiet public stream. The extended tier is the more promotable top stream.

What’s nice about tiers is that there is an implicit amount of high-quality signal-to-noise filtering built into them. If someone takes the time to extend something, then that’s a good base indication of interestingness around that moment or place.