The Great Discontent: Merlin Mann

The Great Discontent: Merlin Mann:

When we mythologize ourselves, we tend to amplify the things that turned out okay and try to turn the failures or lack of success into something we learned from. You can do anything to make your life look really grand. It’s a shame that so many people find it difficult to do the things they’d like to do because they feel cowed by seemingly successful people who appear to never do anything wrong, or always learn from their mistakes. That just rings as a lot of B.S. and self-mythology to me.

Vegas View


The view of Zappos’ headquarters and distant mountains from my crash pad in The Ogden.

Breakfast Beignets


Ate way too much at Eat here in Vegas this morning. Such good food.

Portland to Vegas


Chef’s Choice Sashimi


Totally amazing sushi at Bamboo for Leah’s birthday tonight.