Green Lakes Trail

Last weekend Leah and I were in Sunriver, OR. On Saturday we spent the afternoon hiking up the Green Lakes trail which winds you up the east side of the Cascades between South Sister and Broken Top. The weather was perfect with cool weather and blue skies.

18 miles


Hit my goal of 18 miles for today. Snapped this from the turnaround point at Mt. Tabor. Severely underestimated the elevation difference on the way up; resulted in having to walk a bit of mile 16.

Sunday afternoon run

Sunday afternoon run

Great 15-mile run through Forest Park this afternoon. Now that I’m in the teens distance-wise it’s a lot harder to incrementally add further distance. The last mile today was killer. I also need to find a better route for future runs, capped out today because I hit Skyline Boulevard on the West side of the park.