Foundation’s Edge

Another Foundation series novel (as is perhaps obvious from the title). Holds up well with the others and continues a very consistent storytelling approach.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

A fairly bland business book based on the author’s work as a CEO and investor. Many of the chapters and essays are based on his blog so it’d felt like I’d read half the book before. It’s perhaps more interesting if you’ve not read those posts before.

Second Foundation

Another Foundation novel that spans multiple planets. One of the things I like about Asimov’s writing is that the plot is engaging without getting bogged down in complexity (like the Culture series).

Landscapes of Communism

Very thorough look at the role architecture and urban design played in the Soviet Union. The chapters are oriented around particular themes (e.g. metros, high buildings, memorials). It’s a more academic read and the vast majority of it was information I had no idea about before reading.

A Happiness Engineer at Automattic