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Photos from trips and time out with the camera.

San Diego Meetup

It’s been a month but I finally got around to getting the photos from Automattic’s San Diego meetup off of my camera. Earlier I posted the video from skydiving and there are a few photos in this set as well. This was the best company meetup yet.


Hiking on Mt. Hood

I spent this weekend at a cabin outside of Welches, OR near Mt. Hood. We headed out there Friday afternoon and stuck around through Sunday afternoon. Saturday and Sunday were hiking-filled days. On Saturday we headed out Lolo Pass Road and hiked toward McNeil Point. The weather was flat out amazing. Blue skies, warm temperatures, […]

Cathedral Lakes, Yosemite National Park

A couple weeks ago I spent a week at my parents house in California. First day there we hiked to Cathedral Lakes and back which I hadn’t done since I was a little kid. Great 8 mile hike up through a forest and ending in a gorgeous alpine lake.

Amsterdam Meetup

I was in Amsterdam with my team at Automattic from July 13th through the 20th. We had a great time, ate well, saw quite a bit of the city, and finished some fun projects.

Mount Defiance, in the mist

Spent the first half of yesterday hiking Mount Defiance with Leah, Luke, and Luke’s sister who’s in town for the week. It was a decent day of weather in Portland but the mountain ended up surrounded by clouds and mist. Still a great hike but we missed out on what should have been great views […]

A week at the Oregon coast

Last week I spent Monday through Thursday at a friend’s beach house in Waldport, Oregon. It was a half work week, half vacation week. Snapped a few photos, went on a nice little hike, and got lots of reading in. Good way to recharge the batteries.

Using WordPress as your publishing hub

This morning at WordCamp San Diego I gave a talk titled “Using WordPress as your publishing hub. It went well and lots of people had great questions. If anyone has followup questions I’m happy to answer them in the comments. The slides are included below. The blurb I sent in for the talk was: WordPress […]

Tybee Island Meetup

On Monday I got back from a week-long meetup on Tybee Island, GA. I posted some photos while there but this is the rest of what was in the collection. The horse mask was a surprise left for my co-worker, Hanni. You can get your own on Amazon. Most of the photos are from Bonaventure […]

Hiking Devil’s Rest via Wahkeena

Got out for a great hike this morning with Daniel and Leah. Hiked about 8 miles in the gorge up to Devil’s Rest. We lucked out with weather, it only started to rain when we were within shouting distance of the car.

Budapest Meetup

Photos from last month’s Automattic meetup in Budapest. We were there for a week and had an absolute blast. It’d be fun to go back when the weather isn’t so dreary.