18 miles


Hit my goal of 18 miles for today. Snapped this from the turn­around point at Mt. Tabor. Severely under­es­ti­mated the ele­va­tion dif­fer­ence on the way up; resulted in hav­ing to walk a bit of mile 16.

Sunday afternoon run

Sunday afternoon runGreat 15-mile run through For­est Park this after­noon. Now that I’m in the teens distance-wise it’s a lot harder to incre­men­tally add fur­ther dis­tance. The last mile today was killer. I also need to find a bet­ter route for future runs, capped out today because I hit Sky­line Boule­vard on the West side of the park.

The Decemberists


Saw a fan­tas­tic show from The Decem­berists last night. They played for about two and a half hours at the Crys­tal Ball­room. Great live performers.

Morning Beach 5k


Took advan­tage of the beau­ti­ful sun­shine this morn­ing and got a great run in on the beach. Fly­ing home from Charleston this afternoon.