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New Reading Material


I’ve been reading a lot more recently, about a book every week. This should keep me busy for a while; a benefit to living three blocks from Powell’s.

As an aside I find it really beneficial to read one fiction book in conjunction with one non-fiction. Ensures I have reading material no matter the frame of mind I’m in.

Jupiter Peak at Sunrise

Jupiter Peak Sunrise

The sunrise from Jupiter Peak yesterday morning. Woke up at 3:30am and started hiking at 4:00. We set off from the parking lot and ended up hiking straight up one of the black diamond runs at Park City Mountain Resort. Brutal incline on the way up. Overall a really great hike with Nick, Joe, and Mo.

18 miles


Hit my goal of 18 miles for today. Snapped this from the turnaround point at Mt. Tabor. Severely underestimated the elevation difference on the way up; resulted in having to walk a bit of mile 16.

Sunday afternoon run

Sunday afternoon run

Great 15-mile run through Forest Park this afternoon. Now that I’m in the teens distance-wise it’s a lot harder to incrementally add further distance. The last mile today was killer. I also need to find a better route for future runs, capped out today because I hit Skyline Boulevard on the West side of the park.