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Took advantage of summer weather to grill burgers, eat watermelon (with lime), and play board games with friends. Having a grill on the patio is fantastic.

Took advantage of Portland’s annual fake-spring to get a 3.5-mile run in on the waterfront. Totally looking forward to running in nicer weather more consistently.

Note to future self: always have a functioning backup keyboard in the house. You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle, and productivity, when your favorite keyboard dies.

This weekend is great timing for NBA League Pass to be free. Was just able watch the Warriors game from last night where Klay Thompson put up 37 in a quarter.

My Labor Day weekend project was moving this site to Linode. It’s all up and running now, along with a new Twenty Thirteen child theme I put together. Overall the process was pretty simple. Linode’s default script for a LAMP stack worked well. From there I set up a multisite network, adjusted some virtual host records, and was on my way. The upside is that the site’s now way, way faster than it used to be. Huzzah for SSDs.