I just started read­ing The Birth of the Museum by Tony Bennett. I’ve been fas­ci­nated by muse­ums for a while now and lucked out in get­ting a read­ing list from a friend’s course at Cambridge. Slow read­ing so far but good stuff.

Put together a quick theme idea tonight and pushed it live to this site. Possibly a few rough areas around the edges. Overall I’m pretty happy with it, though. Really sim­ple to put together; though I did miss my goal of keep­ing it under 1,000 lines of CSS. Will need to find a way to trim 50 lines. :)

Had a great break­fast at Jam on Hawthorne this morn­ing fol­lowed by a long over­due run. Nice that it’s finally sunny again.

I finally got all packed and even cleared my inbox and task list. Ready for three weeks of vaca­tion now. London, Bath, Cambridge, the Lake District, and more are on the agenda.

Last day in Maui. 8 tur­tles swam with, 20 miles hiked, 4 frozen yogurt stops, and lots of sun­shine. Hoping to post more travel recaps and pho­tos soon.