Lisbon Happiness Meetup

Back in Feb­ru­ary I spent a week in Lis­bon with a por­tion of my team at Automat­tic. We ate great food, com­pleted two cool projects, and gen­er­ally had a won­der­ful time. There were 11 of us so we rented out the entire place at The­House. Can’t rec­om­mend the lodg­ing enough. Truly phe­nom­e­nal place. One day we…

Lisbon for a week

Portland flight

Got back in to town last night and am head­ing to Lis­bon for a week­long meetup with my won­der­ful team at Automat­tic. It’s going to be a blast!

San Diego Meetup

It’s been a month but I finally got around to get­ting the pho­tos from Automattic’s San Diego meetup off of my cam­era. Ear­lier I posted the video from sky­div­ing and there are a few pho­tos in this set as well. This was the best com­pany meetup yet.


14-hour work­day and take­out Thai food for din­ner. Now I feel like a true 20-something.


Hav­ing a mass spec­trom­e­try con­fer­ence share a floor with the Automat­tic com­pany meetup rooms pro­vides for some pretty funny jux­ta­po­si­tions. They’re in suits. We’re in t-shirts.