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Budapest Meetup

Back in April I traveled to Budapest. It was my second time in the city, the first was for Automattic’s 2011 all-company meetup. This time the trip was for a team meetup as well as the Write the Docs conference. It was also my first trip with the Fuji X100S. I bought this back in … Continue reading Budapest Meetup

I talked with Chase Clemons on his Support Ops podcast yesterday about how we run support at Automattic. We talked a lot about live chat support and how we manage a team of 40+ Happiness Engineers.

It was a live Google Hangout so you can watch the video below:

I had a fun time talking with Scott Tran about theĀ support team at Automattic. The podcast is about 40 minutes and we covered everything from hiring to team structure to the type of culture we value. It’s live now over on Scott’s site.

This was my first time recording a podcast and it was a lot of fun. Scott has other interviews that focus on support at companies like Basecamp, Olark, and Zapier. If you’re interested you should give them a listen.

Beach in Puerto Rico


Just a few steps from the house we’re staying in lies the beach. I’ve had a wonderful few days working with the Jetpack team at Automattic.