St. Louis Happiness Team Meetup

I spent August 4th through the 11th in St. Louis with the rest of the Happiness Team at Automattic. We had a great time, got a lot of good things done, and enjoyed a couple Cardinals games against the Brewers.

After that it was off to San Francisco for WordCamp where I helped organize two new user workshops. Those were extremely enlightening and I’ll have more coming on those later.

Every company meetup should be required to have a Rock Band party. Seriously awesome night tonight.

Today I’m flying out to St. Louis for the weeklong Happiness Team meetup. Delayed in Denver for an hour though, ugh.


Had an absolute blast with the rest of the Happiness team during our week in Vienna. Got a lot of work done but had quite a bit of fun as well.

Doubling Signups

Windows Live Spaces has doubled the number of monthly signups at Quite the busy last few months for us.

With the addition of Windows Live Spaces sites moving to, Windows Live users who are new to blogging coming here, and word-of-mouth from our current and very passionate users, the number of people joining has doubled to over 900,000 per month (up from around 400,000 per month before the migration).