Every­where at Once: Chef Geoff Tracy’s Data-Driven Empire. Geoff Tracy and his brother use a set of 800 stan­dards to mea­sure the per­for­mance of their restau­rants. A cou­ple examples:

Did Eliz­a­beth bring your Pinot Gris within three min­utes of the time you ordered it? Were your appe­tiz­ers deliv­ered within seven min­utes, entrées within ten, desserts within seven? Were these plates described at the table before they were set in front of you? Were nap­kins refolded when you went to the restroom? Was non-bottled water referred to as “ice water” (cor­rect) or “water” (incorrect)?

Don’t Be A Free User

What if a lit­tle site you love doesn’t have a busi­ness model? Yell at the devel­op­ers! Explain that you are tired of good projects fold­ing and are will­ing to pay cash Amer­i­can dol­lar to pre­vent that from hap­pen­ing. It doesn’t take pro­hib­i­tive per-user rev­enue to put a project in the black. It just requires a num­ber greater than zero.

maciej — Don’t Be A Free User.

Startups: Stress and Depression

What mat­ters is that you get back to the basics — as my friend so elo­quently stated — and focus on reliev­ing stress. The hour away from work can greatly increase your pro­duc­tiv­ity when you come back to the office more relaxed and fresh.

Use that hour to escape. For me, the only time I can dis­con­nect my mind from my startup is when I go to the gym to play squash and to relax after the match in the steam room. Even when I’m sleep­ing, I dream of my startup, but thank­fully I was able to find my escape, and know that I can go there when I need to.

Spencer Fry - Star­tups: Stress and Depres­sion.