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The Employee Is The Company:

The employee is the company. Meet someone who treats you like you are a visiting alien from Uranus, and you will have a low opinion of the company. When a salesperson is rude, the company is rude. But when an employee provides outstanding service, we view the company itself as outstanding.

Ilya Lichtenstein on the Fear of Money:

Their fear is justified, because the second you start charging for a product, all of the bubbly bullshit falls away. The market is cold, rational, and effective. It doesn’t care about your lean startup methods, your rockstar team, or your fawning tech press. All of your assumptions, vision, business plans and pitches are irrelevant.

You’ve either built something worth paying money for, or you haven’t.

Everywhere at Once: Chef Geoff Tracy’s Data-Driven Empire. Geoff Tracy and his brother use a set of 800 standards to measure the performance of their restaurants. A couple examples:

Did Elizabeth bring your Pinot Gris within three minutes of the time you ordered it? Were your appetizers delivered within seven minutes, entrées within ten, desserts within seven? Were these plates described at the table before they were set in front of you? Were napkins refolded when you went to the restroom? Was non-bottled water referred to as “ice water” (correct) or “water” (incorrect)?

On the Market. This is a really interesting peek inside the world of fine art auctions and trading at Sotheby’s Inc.