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A personal archive

This was a lot of excitement for one year. Since the whole point of Pinboard is to be around for the long haul, I’m hoping for much less of it in the year to come. A personal archive works a little bit like a bank – you want to be able to use it and forget about it, rather than see it pop up in the evening news.

maciej – Two years of Pinboard.

Remembrance of Links Past. Maciej, co-founder of Pinboard, ran some sample data to see how often links from the past become dead. While it was a small sample size, it shows you could be losing a quarter of your links every seven years.

The future of analytics products. An epic rundown of various analytics products, what they offer, and what they lack. Google Analytics may be the market leader but for many large sites and companies it may not be the best option.

Fitbit weekly summaries

Fitbit now sends weekly summaries of your activity right to your inbox. It includes a recap of your steps, miles, weight, and sleep changes.

There’s a leaderboard column in the email as well as on the site. Not sure how that works since I’ve kept my Fitbit data private. For those who want, or need, an extra boost to get going a leaderboard could be a cool way to competitively exercise.

Having a reminder of your activity is a great way to reflect on the past week.

A Backup System. Antonio Carusone details the backup system he uses for data. It’s a combination of Dropbox, iDisk, Backblaze, and a RAID drive setup. Comes with a slick graphic as well.