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The Redemption of Distraction

The Redemption of Distraction:

It would be foolish to decry all distraction as if they themselves were the root of our intermittent concentration. Indeed, the issue is not that we allow too many dings, bells, and whistles to superficially interrupt our day, but that we do not adequately leverage distraction, like the chimes of the monastic, to pull us back to the effort of focussed labour.

That’s a fantastic way to look at it. via Pat Dryburgh

I, Reader

“I, Reader” is a great essay about reading, books, and digital devices. One of my favorite bits:

If you were to ask me what I thought I was doing in checking news sites on the internet as many as eight to 10 times per day, starting with the election in 2004, I would tell you I thought I was keeping myself safe. Especially late at night, I felt like I was on night watch for the forces that would eventually put George Bush back in power one more time. It felt like a vigil.

Found via Daring Fireball.