One more thought on technology reviews

Ear­lier today I posted a few tweets from Dustin Cur­tis on main­stream tech­nol­ogy reviews. A cou­ple tweets from Doug Stew­art made me think about one more thing worth jot­ting down.

Last month Matt wrote an essay titled “What’s Next for Apple.” In that he says this about Best Buy:

When I walk through Best Buy, which I try to do once every few months, it feels like it’s tech­nol­ogy at its worst, the magic of progress used as smoke and mir­rors to con­fuse and dupe con­sumers rather than make their lives better.

That’s how I feel read­ing a prod­uct review on the sites Dustin men­tioned. It’s tech­nol­ogy writ­ing at its worst.

Reviews on sites like Giz­modo and Engad­get prey upon gad­get heads think­ing that their week, month, or year-old tech­nol­ogy is “worse.” This is what leads us to the land of 4″+ touch screens and think­ing that devices with more megapix­els or giga­hertz are, some­how, inher­ently better.

Sure, nor­mals may not be the tar­get mar­ket of tech site prod­uct reviews. That doesn’t mean the site’s reviews can’t be thought­ful and use­ful pieces of text. Right now they’re drivel.

Dustin Curtis on electronic reviews

Nailed it.