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Automattic’s WordPress 5K

Just got back from a 5K run for Automattic’s World Wide WordPress 5K. The weather wasn’t as nice as yesterday, the last mile was in sprinkling rain, but it was still a good workout.

Like Nick mentions, it’d be cool to set up a counter next year to see how much distance people log around the world. That combined with a map of where people are running, walking, biking, or swimming their 5K would be a cool visualization of the WordPress community in action.

Fitbit weekly summaries

Fitbit now sends weekly summaries of your activity right to your inbox. It includes a recap of your steps, miles, weight, and sleep changes.

There’s a leaderboard column in the email as well as on the site. Not sure how that works since I’ve kept my Fitbit data private. For those who want, or need, an extra boost to get going a leaderboard could be a cool way to competitively exercise.

Having a reminder of your activity is a great way to reflect on the past week.