Chalk this up as some­thing I never real­ized: mov­ing causes you to walk a ton. Fit­bit tells me I walked over 9 miles and 22,000 steps last Sat­ur­day! All while just mov­ing boxes and fur­ni­ture in and out of a U-Haul. Dang.

Fitbit weekly summaries

Fit­bit now sends weekly sum­maries of your activ­ity right to your inbox. It includes a recap of your steps, miles, weight, and sleep changes.

There’s a leader­board col­umn in the email as well as on the site. Not sure how that works since I’ve kept my Fit­bit data pri­vate. For those who want, or need, an extra boost to get going a leader­board could be a cool way to com­pet­i­tively exercise.

Hav­ing a reminder of your activ­ity is a great way to reflect on the past week.