Path uploads your entire iPhone address book to its servers. Shouldn’t this be the kind of shady behav­ior that an app store review process pre­vents? Would be fan­tas­tic to see answers to these 3 ques­tions.

Update: Path’s CEO answered those three ques­tions a minute after I posted this. His response to #2 is a cop out. “Industry best prac­tice” is just a way of avoid­ing blame. Protect your users data and do what’s right, not what’s typical.

The Hit List sync

It’s no secret that I love The Hit List. The app serves as my care­fully orga­nized dig­i­tal brain. Sometimes it’s the really lit­tle things that make an app fantastic.

This morn­ing I opened it up for the first time since Friday. I had already left my apart­ment so I was out of WiFi range. To pull data, many other apps, includ­ing Mail and Tweetbot, prompt if you’d like to con­nect to WiFi.

This is a pain because it makes sync­ing my data a two-step process. The Hit List does it right. It rec­og­nizes that I’m on 3G with data and just syncs. No prompt­ing. Let me fig­ure out WiFi later.

I love this because it shows that the devel­oper con­sid­ered the fastest way to let peo­ple get their data synced and get work­ing. When I open an app it’s because I want to do some­thing. The sooner you let me do that the hap­pier I’ll be with your software.