Apple’s cloud

Around 11:30 today I dropped my iPhone from about six inches off the floor. It some­how landed in the one spot of the cor­ner where the screen doesn’t crack or shat­ter but also isn’t quite whole. It looked as if the adhe­sive bond­ing screen and glass loosened.

By 12:10 I had a Genius Bar appoint­ment. After talk­ing with a won­der­fully help­ful employee I had a new phone in my hand for free. 40 min­utes later it was as if I never dropped my phone in the first place.

iCloud made restor­ing that easy. Every appli­ca­tion, every photo, every set­ting was right where I left it. I had to re-enter my pass­word in a hand­ful of apps and that was it.

Apple may have weak­nesses in their web ser­vices, but the safety net iCloud pro­vides feels truly magical.

iA Writer for iPhone

iA Writer for iPhone. My favorite writ­ing appli­ca­tion on the Mac is now live on the iPhone. It includes sup­port for iCloud and Drop­box. I would love to pay them more than $0.99 for such a won­der­ful piece of software.


Just used Find My iPhone to find a lost Hanni who had mis­tak­enly taken my phone on a half marathon run. Win.

Path uploads your entire iPhone address book to its servers

Path uploads your entire iPhone address book to its servers. Shouldn’t this be the kind of shady behav­ior that an app store review process pre­vents? Would be fan­tas­tic to see answers to these 3 ques­tions.

Update: Path’s CEO answered those three ques­tions a minute after I posted this. His response to #2 is a cop out. “Indus­try best prac­tice” is just a way of avoid­ing blame. Pro­tect your users data and do what’s right, not what’s typical.

The Hit List sync

It’s no secret that I love The Hit List. The app serves as my care­fully orga­nized dig­i­tal brain. Some­times it’s the really lit­tle things that make an app fantastic.

This morn­ing I opened it up for the first time since Fri­day. I had already left my apart­ment so I was out of WiFi range. To pull data, many other apps, includ­ing Mail and Tweet­bot, prompt if you’d like to con­nect to WiFi.

This is a pain because it makes sync­ing my data a two-step process. The Hit List does it right. It rec­og­nizes that I’m on 3G with data and just syncs. No prompt­ing. Let me fig­ure out WiFi later.

I love this because it shows that the devel­oper con­sid­ered the fastest way to let peo­ple get their data synced and get work­ing. When I open an app it’s because I want to do some­thing. The sooner you let me do that the hap­pier I’ll be with your software.


Clean­ing… iOS 5 intro­duces a ter­ri­ble change to cache man­age­ment that pre­vents apps like Rdio and Instapa­per from stor­ing per­sis­tent data on a device. Totally ruins Rdio’s offline stor­age mode. Sad Christmas.