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Economic Power in the Age of Abundance:

The obvious reaction to this case, as with the Belgian one, is to marvel at the publisher’s nerve; after all, as we saw with the Belgians, Google is driving traffic from which the publishers profit. “Ganz im Gegenteil!” say the publishers. “Google would not exist without our content.” And, at a very high level, I suppose that’s true, but it’s true in a way that doesn’t matter, and understanding why it doesn’t matter gets at the core reason why traditional journalistic institutions are having so much trouble in the Internet era.

Vox is publishing some of its stories and the interviews behind them in parallel:

But the difference really isn’t Chorus. The difference is that Vox is open to experimentation, it demands rapid iteration, and it puts technology-shaping people on par with word-shaping people. The difference is that, in many traditional newsrooms, changing the UI on a page like this one would have taken multiple meetings where the tech side’s knowledge would likely have been undervalued. It’s a corporate ethos and a permission structure that means good ideas don’t have to get bottled up. It’s being the kind of place that would build Chorus in the first place. That is Vox’s edge, and you can’t buy that off the shelf.

The Sun on Sunday lied about me last week. Have they learned nothing?

We are dealing with experts in propaganda who will stop at nothing to see their version of events prevail, and on the rare occasions when the truth emerges, like a hernia popping through gorged corpse, they apologise discreetly for their ignoble flatulence in a mouse-sized font for hippo-sized lies.

Russell Brand appears to be a lot more intelligent than I previously gave him credit for.

Cargo Cult Analytics:

If the pace at which you receive new metrics outstrips the pace at which you can change your newsroom’s priorities, then what’s the point?

Rebuilding the world technology destroyed:

Influence lives at intersections. Yet, as an industry, it at times feels the boundaries we have built around who makes an effective product manager, or programmer, or designer, are stronger than ever, even as the need to cross those boundaries is ever more pressing.

Code with me: Portland

I’m really excited to be a mentor for Code with me, a 2-day workshop in all things HTML, CSS, and Javascript for journalists without coding experience. The event’s in Portland on May 4th and 5th and costs just $85. That’s ridiculously affordable for 2 full workshop days and a student to mentor ratio of 2 to 1.

Applications are due tomorrow, April 6th, at 9 pm Pacific. If you’re interested you should apply now!

The Code with me site has an early outline of what the schedule will be along with information on the rest of the mentors, sponsors, and more.