The Sun on Sunday lied about me last week. Have they learned nothing?

We are deal­ing with experts in pro­pa­ganda who will stop at noth­ing to see their ver­sion of events pre­vail, and on the rare occa­sions when the truth emerges, like a her­nia pop­ping through gorged corpse, they apol­o­gise dis­creetly for their igno­ble flat­u­lence in a mouse-sized font for hippo-sized lies.

Russell Brand appears to be a lot more intel­li­gent than I pre­vi­ously gave him credit for.

Code with me: Portland

I’m really excited to be a men­tor for Code with me, a 2-day work­shop in all things HTML, CSS, and Javascript for jour­nal­ists with­out cod­ing expe­ri­ence. The event’s in Portland on May 4th and 5th and costs just $85. That’s ridicu­lously afford­able for 2 full work­shop days and a stu­dent to men­tor ratio of 2 to 1.

Applications are due tomor­row, April 6th, at 9 pm Pacific. If you’re inter­ested you should apply now!

The Code with me site has an early out­line of what the sched­ule will be along with infor­ma­tion on the rest of the men­tors, spon­sors, and more.

Journalism as ser­vice:

But instead, we got mostly arti­cles. For that’s what jour­nal­ists do, isn’t it? We write arti­cles. We are sto­ry­tellers! But not every­thing should be a story. Stories aren’t always the best vehi­cle for con­vey­ing infor­ma­tion, for inform­ing the pub­lic. Sometimes lists, data bases, pho­tos, maps, wikis, and other new tools can do a bet­ter job.

It’s been said before and it still rings true. Related.

Shifting: The Newspaper

…on the web, it’s impos­si­ble to main­tain the fic­tion that you can gather a sin­gle pub­lic together in one place. There’s always going to be one link fur­ther that you never explored, or one site that is totally dif­fer­ent from you. And I think one of the things that the web does to jour­nal­ism is that it gives lie to the notion that jour­nal­ism can ever rep­re­sent “the pub­lic.” And that makes us cyn­i­cal about news.