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Cargo Cult Analytics:

If the pace at which you receive new metrics outstrips the pace at which you can change your newsroom’s priorities, then what’s the point?

Rebuilding the world technology destroyed:

Influence lives at intersections. Yet, as an industry, it at times feels the boundaries we have built around who makes an effective product manager, or programmer, or designer, are stronger than ever, even as the need to cross those boundaries is ever more pressing.

Code with me: Portland

I’m really excited to be a mentor for Code with me, a 2-day workshop in all things HTML, CSS, and Javascript for journalists without coding experience. The event’s in Portland on May 4th and 5th and costs just $85. That’s ridiculously affordable for 2 full workshop days and a student to mentor ratio of 2 to 1.

Applications are due tomorrow, April 6th, at 9 pm Pacific. If you’re interested you should apply now!

The Code with me site has an early outline of what the schedule will be along with information on the rest of the mentors, sponsors, and more.

Where did the content go?

NY Times ad

There are experiments and then there are…well…I’m not really sure what this is. It’s so off-putting I want to think it’s a mistake. Unfortunately it’s likely the future, or something.