San Diego Meetup

It’s been a month but I finally got around to get­ting the pho­tos from Automattic’s San Diego meetup off of my cam­era. Ear­lier I posted the video from sky­div­ing and there are a few pho­tos in this set as well. This was the best com­pany meetup yet.


Hav­ing a mass spec­trom­e­try con­fer­ence share a floor with the Automat­tic com­pany meetup rooms pro­vides for some pretty funny jux­ta­po­si­tions. They’re in suits. We’re in t-shirts.

Amsterdam Meetup

I was in Ams­ter­dam with my team at Automat­tic from July 13th through the 20th. We had a great time, ate well, saw quite a bit of the city, and fin­ished some fun projects.

Amsterdam to Portland

Flew home from Ams­ter­dam today after a fan­tas­tic week in Ams­ter­dam with my team at Automat­tic. Snapped this off the coast while fly­ing out.


First full day in Ams­ter­dam and it is absolutely pour­ing rain. We went to see the Anne Frank house this morn­ing and came back drenched. Of course it’s 80 degrees and sunny in Portland.