Nolan’s 14. An insane course over 60 hours through Col­orado that sum­mits four­teen 14,000-foot peaks. Since it started as an unof­fi­cial race in 1999 only 7 peo­ple have finished.


Mt. Adams

Last week­end Daniel, Adam, Jon, and I hiked up Mt. Adams, a 12,000+ foot glaciated peak in south­ern Wash­ing­ton. It was one of the more phys­i­cally demand­ing things I’ve done in my life and, even with crappy vis­i­bil­ity on sum­mit day, was way worth it. Adam, Jon, and myself made it to the sum­mit but…

Speed climbing Eiger

Insane video of Ueli Steck climb­ing the north face of Eiger in under 3 hours. When I worked in Yosemite I remem­ber talk­ing to guys next door at the moun­tain shop about peo­ple speed climb­ing El Cap­i­tan. (via Kot­tke)