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Mt. Hood Hiking

Mt. Hood

Took advantage of the wonderful weather yesterday to do a short hike on the Timberline Trail. Topped the day off with a 3-mile run and a delicious homemade dinner. Good Saturday.

Hiking to Burnt Lake

One of my favorite aspects of Portland is that, within 90 minutes, I can surround myself with forests, mountains, and wide open sky. Sometimes you just need to get outside.

A few weeks ago Leah and I drove East toward Mt. Hood. After a few miles on forest roads we set out toward Burnt Lake. Hiking anywhere near Hood in the summer usually means hiking with a crowd. We hit the trail head at 9:45am, though, and passed 1 other group on the entire hike up. Really relaxing way to spend a morning.

Hiking on Mt. Hood

I spent this weekend at a cabin outside of Welches, OR near Mt. Hood. We headed out there Friday afternoon and stuck around through Sunday afternoon. Saturday and Sunday were hiking-filled days.

On Saturday we headed out Lolo Pass Road and hiked toward McNeil Point. The weather was flat out amazing. Blue skies, warm temperatures, and no wind. Perfect. On Sunday we took a far more well-traveled route out to Mirror Lake. Continue reading Hiking on Mt. Hood