A cool thing in Rdio is watch­ing music spread through your net­work. The dig­i­tal equiv­a­lent of pass­ing CDs around at lunchtime.

Minor fea­ture request for Rdio: I want to be able to add albums to my queue through the mobile app.

I find lots of stuff while on the go that I don’t want to add to my col­lec­tion but also don’t want to forget.

Rdio and my changing music habits

A while back I was reminded through Twitter of Rdio. I looked at it a few months ago but at the time was still stuck with my Palm Pre and didn’t want to pay for Flash only stream­ing. My how things have changed.

I’ve always had a mas­sive music library. It approached some 14,000 songs before I culled it ear­lier this year. With all that music it’s funny that I never really lis­tened to it all that much. For the most part I had a select group of albums that were played over and over again. The major­ity of my library was played once or maybe twice a year.

This is the first thing that Rdio has changed. Rdio lets me fol­low other users and see what they’re adding to their col­lec­tions, playlists, and writ­ing reviews of. It’s the dig­i­tal equiv­a­lent of my time spent pass­ing CDs back and forth between high school friends.

Rdio also kicks out rec­om­men­da­tions based upon the music in my col­lec­tion. Between these two sources of dis­cov­ery I’ve found more new albums and artists in a week than I have in the last few months with iTunes.

The killer fea­ture though is the abil­ity to access all this as much as you want every­where you are. With the web, Mac OS X, and iOS apps Rdio gives me access to all the music I want any­where I am.

Instapaper is an app that has fun­da­men­tally changed the way I read and con­sume infor­ma­tion. Having a sin­gle store of arti­cles I want to catch up on that is avail­able through the web, an iOS app, and my Kindle is exhil­i­rat­ing. Rdio does no less than that for my music habits.

If I’m hang­ing out with friends and some­one men­tions an album I can play it straight to my speak­ers imme­di­ately. I’m not out any money because the $9.99 a month Rdio charges gives me unlim­ited access to any­thing. The cost of brows­ing around for new music is essen­tially zero. I pay the same amount for tak­ing a few lis­tens to 100 albums and stream­ing my 10 favorites as I would for just cycling through my most-loved.

Sure, all this does mean that I’m out­sourc­ing my music library to the cloud. But, it also means I’m not stuck try­ing to cre­ate a backup strat­egy for all those giga­bytes of tracks. Also, if I want to I can pur­chase albums straight from Rdio for about the same price as iTunes.

Seriously, Rdio is like liv­ing in the future. It’s incredible.