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That’s what this kind of preservation work does. It gunks up our machines. It makes us rethink what we believed about our history.

Dust to Digital, assembling folk music archives of the American South.

The Decemberists


Saw a fantastic show from The Decemberists last night. They played for about two and a half hours at the Crystal Ballroom. Great live performers.

Capital Flows:

Rap is both a ladder up economic strata and what you play on your headphones while you climb. If rap could listen to music, it would listen to rap.

A cool thing in Rdio is watching music spread through your network. The digital equivalent of passing CDs around at lunchtime.

The new Rdio

It’s no secret that I love Rdio. Today’s update makes it even more fantastic. The updates make it a smoother experience overall. Really looking forward to digging in to the changes more after SXSW.