Smoke Signals

Smoke Sig­nals. A man­i­festo for mak­ing the next one bil­lion sec­onds about dis­trib­uted, open, and secure soft­ware plat­forms. We should no longer sur­ren­der our most vital per­sonal details to a closed-source sys­tem. It’s your social data, own it.

RSS keeps me alive and kickin’

Dave Winer has been on a seri­ous win streak for the last few days. On the 4th he defined what an open web means to him. If your web has silos then it isn’t really your web is it?

Then he talked about “A tool whose only out­put is a set of RSS feeds.” Which sounds like a lovely loosely cou­pled net­work. That’s a tool I’d want to use and exper­i­ment with.

Finally he weaves RSS, iPads, WYSIWYG edi­tors, and a river of news into a tale of why first impres­sions are some­times the most hon­est but are many times bla­tantly wrong.

It’s all as Seth Godin says,

RSS is quiet and fast and pro­fes­sional and largely hype-free. Per­haps that’s why it’s not the fla­vor of the day.

Fla­vor of the day or not it’s how I con­sume the vast major­ity of my news and it alone has rad­i­cally trans­formed my con­sump­tion of infor­ma­tion and acqui­si­tion of knowl­edge. So thank you Dave Winer and all the other devel­op­ers who have con­tributed to keep­ing RSS thriving. :)