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Baseball vs real life

I don’t think we can afford to view politics or technology as we view baseball. In baseball, I can personally insult Yankees fans, or condescend to Cubs fans, or feel a soulful affinity with fellow Mets fans, and it’s all fun. Because we know it totally doesn’t matter. But these other things do matter. So we really can’t afford to think of it as Us vs Them. It’s not Republicans vs Democrats, it’s Americans deciding what we want our government to do. And in technology, it’s the people of the world, in very much the model of Jefferson, deciding what we want to be. And not having corporations and their need for profit, be the sole determinant.

Dave Winer – Baseball vs real life

What is going on?

The US Postal Service story is not a unique situation. It is the situation. And we are going to be living with this situation for many years to come. We are crossing a huge chasm from an industrial society to an information society. And there is immense pain in that transformation. Obama can’t solve the problem nor can any of his opponents. Time will solve this problem as new industries get built, people learn new skills and new jobs, and we dismantle entitlement systems that are not sustainable.

That is what is going on. I’d love to hear Obama tell the country that. But I doubt he will. But someone should.

Fred Wilson – What is going on?.

A little truth leaks out

What’s remarkable about [David Frum, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, and Paul Krugman], what gives me hope that there may be a way out of the bigger mess, of which this month’s meltdown is just a sympton, is that finally blogging is effectively routing around MSM. If you want to hear from smart people who know what they’re talking about, and who aren’t spinning, you can.

This is why blogging is important.

Dave Winer – A little truth leaks out.

Founding fathers

The United States of America is an idea in search of completion, and we are still arguing over questions that vexed the original founders at the birth of our Republic. Wouldn’t it be better — in fact, wouldn’t we take our poltiical and philosophical positions with greater seriousness — if we recognized that from the perspective of future historians, we are still actively engaged in the founding of this country?

Dan Conover – We are the Founding Fathers (& Mothers too!)