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The Tyranny of Structurelessness. An article that started as a talk during a conference called by the Southern Female Rights Union. It dates to May 1970. Interesting to read by itself and in the context of more current flat organizations and communities.

Copying only got easier following the passage of these laws—copying will only ever get easier. Right now is as hard as copying will get. Your grandchildren will turn to you and say “Tell me again, Grandpa, about when it was hard to copy things in 2012, when you couldn’t get a drive the size of your fingernail that could hold every song ever recorded, every movie ever made, every word ever spoken, every picture ever taken, everything, and transfer it in such a short period of time you didn’t even notice it was doing it.”

Cory Doctorow – Lockdown: The coming war on general-purpose computing.

Americhrome. File this under things that make complete sense but which I had never thought about or realized before. It turns out the federal government has an official color palette for everything they contract out for. Every time I see a road sign I’m going to think of this now.

Baseball vs real life

I don’t think we can afford to view politics or technology as we view baseball. In baseball, I can personally insult Yankees fans, or condescend to Cubs fans, or feel a soulful affinity with fellow Mets fans, and it’s all fun. Because we know it totally doesn’t matter. But these other things do matter. So we really can’t afford to think of it as Us vs Them. It’s not Republicans vs Democrats, it’s Americans deciding what we want our government to do. And in technology, it’s the people of the world, in very much the model of Jefferson, deciding what we want to be. And not having corporations and their need for profit, be the sole determinant.

Dave Winer – Baseball vs real life