The Pleasure and Pain of Speed. Nautilus arti­cle that looks at whether there are bio­log­i­cal thresh­olds to how fast our brain can process infor­ma­tion. Toward the end it con­sid­ers whether these thresh­olds are sta­tic or whether we’re adapt­ing to faster pro­cess­ing speeds over time.

The Global Seed Vault can anchor us in deep time:

The most dra­matic videos of cli­mate change — where you can actu­ally see it tak­ing place — are made by time-lapse, a process that con­verts non-human timescales to those that fit into our nar­row per­cep­tual fil­ters. Time-lapse reduces days to sec­onds, and years to min­utes, but the con­ver­sion can go the other way as well. When we expand our vision of the nat­ural world from human time to geo­logic time, our own indi­vid­ual con­scious­ness and the con­se­quences of our action and inac­tion become thin strata in a geo­logic archive that con­tains aeons.