How Britain exported next-generation surveillance

How Britain exported next-generation surveillance:

Technology is a tool: it is a process by which political and human desires are instantiated in the world. What is significant about that instantiation is that it must take a visible form. It may be a written, readable code, or a physical infrastructure in the landscape: servers in data centres, cameras on poles by the roadside, rusting signs on forecourt walls declaring the owner’s intentions.

When there is pressure to obscure that infrastructure—camouflaging cameras, closing down networks, or blocking freedom of information requests—a corresponding pressure is exerted on the very democracy it purports to uphold.

Some thoughts about the future of work

All I know is that anyone living anywhere theoretically has the ability to do what I do, for any company based anywhere in the world — just like anyone can be a journalist, or write software or develop apps or design products, or edit books or movies or music, or do a thousand other things that only require a PC and an Internet connection.

That can cause problems for governments, obviously, since they are used to seeing jobs as things that can be contained by national borders and put in discrete little boxes for neat categorization, so that the visas can be issues (and taxes can be assessed). But the reality is that many of us don’t live in such a neat and tidy world any more, and while that may look like a threat to some, it’s also a huge opportunity — and that’s part of what we mean when we talk about the future of work.

Matthew Ingram – Detained by U.S. Customs: Some thoughts about the future of work.

11 days with 22 litres

22L for Spain and France

I’m headed to Spain this morning to hang out with Cam who’s spending 6 months working in Lasarte-Oria. From there I’m headed east to Marseille to see my brother who’s studying abroad.

Should be a great 11 day trip. I decided to go super light so I’m all packed up into a 22 litre day pack. At first I had a small canvas bag as well since Cam was craving some Adam’s peanut butter. Sadly, it turns out TSA doesn’t like a large glass jar of peanut butter so that didn’t make it past security.