Spent the evening with my Kindle, a few cups of tea, and my most recent items from Instapaper. The high­lights of my read­ing list for the night:

Evangelism is word-of-mouth mar­ket­ing. It’s the best kind of mar­ket­ing because it’s hon­est and per­sonal. We don’t pay atten­tion to tele­vi­sion com­mer­cials and mag­a­zine ads because we don’t trust them. We do, how­ever, trust our friends rec­om­mend­ing some­thing to us.

And so, com­pa­nies want their cus­tomers to tell their friends about the prod­uct. But try as you may, you can’t force peo­ple to talk about your prod­uct, which means that the next best thing is to try and get peo­ple to at least use it.

Shawn Blanc — You Can’t Buy Word of Mouth.

We just want to read

How many peo­ple are sub­scribers to The New Yorker iPad app that don’t actu­ally read for what­ever rea­son? If the app were eas­ier to use and quicker to access, then you’d have users, not just sub­scribers. And users tell their friends about the recent arti­cle they read; users read the app in front of their co-workers dur­ing lunch break; users actu­ally get invested in the app. If you can gar­ner the atten­tion of your sub­scriber base, and not just their money, then your road to growth gets sig­nif­i­cantly easier.

Shawn Blanc — We just want to read.

Talking Tools: Shawn Blanc

Excerpted from an inter­view with Shawn Blanc on Bridging the Nerd Gap. Pretty cool anec­dotes throughout.

I hate to just waste away an hour espe­cially as a daily habit just veg­ging out for no rea­son. Writing is enter­tain­ment for me, although some­times it takes on the shape of gru­el­ing and frus­trat­ing enter­tain­ment. So if I can’t get myself to focus on writ­ing then I am likely to read or just go to bed.