Blue Chips. An oral history of the 1990s Orlando Magic; basically a narrative constructed through interviews with team members, executives, and people around the NBA. Interestingly designed as well.

This weekend is great timing for NBA League Pass to be free. Was just able watch the Warriors game from last night where Klay Thompson put up 37 in a quarter.

Tonight’s plan: Lakers vs. Clippers on ESPN Radio and crafting mockups for a theme Daniel and I are working on. It’s a good night.

Many of my friends misjudge it, thinking sport needs to be swift like a basketball game, or intense and concentrated like a football game. But baseball is more of an experience to have than a spectacle to see. It’s called a park for a reason: it’s a place of leisure, (hell, stretching is built into the format), and an opportunity to just be present.

Frank Chimero – I’ve been jonesing to go to a baseball game…