Cambridge and Newmarket

After Bath and Lon­don, Leah and I went to spend a week in Cam­bridge with our friend Sarah. While there we wan­dered around the city and the col­leges and took a day trip out to New­mar­ket and The National Stud horse facil­ity. With the excep­tion of the day in New­mar­ket the weather was won­der­ful. Sarah’s…


Tourist time in London

Before spend­ing time in Bath Leah and I spent a week in Lon­don. Over­all we spent two weeks in the city in April. It was great to split that time up with breaks in Bath and Cam­bridge. Lon­don is great and all but smaller towns are nice, too. This was Leah’s first trip to Eng­land so…


Spending 24 hours in Bath, England

As part of the 3-week vaca­tion I took in April Leah and I spent about 24 hours in Bath, a fan­tas­tic city about a 40 min­utes by train west of Lon­don. I remem­bered lov­ing Bath when I vis­ited as a kid and it lived up to expec­ta­tions after return­ing. Since we were there for just…

Within Haleakala's crater

Hiking through Haleakalā crater

Way back on March 24th I took a trip to Maui with Daniel, Leah, and Leah. We stayed just south of Lahaina for 8 days in a great condo Daniel found through a char­ity auc­tion. The high­light of the trip was def­i­nitely the hike through Haleakalā crater. We parked the rental car at the Halemau’u…


This will be just my third week in Port­land since March 24th. After so much travel it’s nice to just be home for a while.


I finally got all packed and even cleared my inbox and task list. Ready for three weeks of vaca­tion now. Lon­don, Bath, Cam­bridge, the Lake Dis­trict, and more are on the agenda.