Time Machine

The recent update to OS X (10.5.6) crashed my MacBook so severely that I had to do a complete system restore from my Leopard install DVD. Thankfully I had a Time Machine backup of everything that was important, which was handy considering that it’s finals week. Anyway, after getting my laptop back up to speed with all my apps, files, and updates I needed to get rid of all the Time Machine backups from my previous account. I selected everything from before yesterday and deleted it. After emptying the trash Finder proceeded to prepare a ridiculous number of files for deletion. Currently it’s up to a little over a million (I’ll try and keep track of how high it gets). Seems to be slightly absurd to have to delete this many files just to get a clean hard drive to back up to.


50 pm. Who knows where it'll stop?

My Time Machine deletion as of 4:50 pm. Who knows where it'll stop?

Update: It eventually got up to 1.2 million shortly after originally posting this.