How an old phone can make money

Here’s an interesting story on the BBC’s website about efforts to recycle old cell phones. Much of it centers on one such organization that works to recycle these old phones: Fonebank.

Not only does recycling an old cell phone do great things for the environment by keeping degrading batteries and other electronic parts out of the soil, but if done through Fonebank (and others I’m sure) it can help charities as well.

From the article:

This year Fonebank has teamed up with Oxfam to donate a minimum of 10% of the value of the phone to aid the charity’s work in the developing world.

Other charities, including Age Concern and the British Red Cross, are also offering people the chance to donate phones.

Sounds like a win-win: recycle your phone, get a check up to 102 pounds, and have the company donate to Oxfam.

via BBC NEWS | Technology | How an old phone can make money.


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