Obama and the Blair House

From Matthew Yglesias:

Fittingly enough, it seems that there was no genuine guest scheduled to stay in Blair House. Rather, the Bush administration asked former Australian Prime Minister John Howard to stay at the place in order to give them a pretext to turn the Obamas down. Fittingly, from everything I’ve heard about Howard he and Bush are really two peas in a pod in terms of terrible policymaking.

My assessments of Bush just keep getting driven lower and lower. I think that Yglesias says it best when he opens this post by describing Bush as petty, stupid, and immoral. I would have thought that by this point the administration would be desiring to avoid PR gaffs and to present as good of a face for Bush as it can so that he can at least ride off into clear skies and not a storm of frustration.

Link via Matthew Yglesias » The Howard Gambit .