A contender for Palin

It looks as though it won’t necessarily be smooth sailing for Sarah Palin in her eventual bid to be re-elected as Alaska’s governor.

Democrat Bob Poe, the former Alaska State Commissioner of Administration and former CEO of Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, said Wednesday he will announce tomorrow that he intends to seek the Democratic nomination for governor of Alaska.

Poe is viewed as a serious, viable candidate by state Democrats, though there are some other candidates that could derail Poe’s bid to unseat Palin. Poe lacks statewide name recognition unlike a candidate such as Ethan Berkowitz, the Democrat who came close to defeating Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) this past November.

While it sounds like he may not be the perfect candidate to oppose one with such name recognition as Palin it is at least refreshing that the Democratic Party in Alaska will make a serious attempt at unseating Palin. Should be an interesting year for state elections in both Alaska and California.

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