Obama and the stimulus

It seems as though Obama is the only Democrat who is willing to speak about the stimulus package in full support and not as something that needs to be compromised with Republicans. In a recent interview with Katie Couric the following exchange took place:

Couric: Sen. Mitch McConnell said over the weekend that surely you’re privately embarrassed by some of the product that came out of the house version and let me just mention some of the spending in this package: $6.2 billion for home weatherization, $100 million for children to learn green construction…

Obama: Lets take that example. I’m stunned that Mitch McConnell use this as an example … We’re going to weatherize homes, that immediately puts people back to work and we’re going to train people who are out of work, including young people, to do the weatherization. As a consequence of weatherization, our energy bills go down and we reduce our dependence on foreign oil. What would be a more effective stimulus package than that? I mean, you’re getting a threefer. Not only are you immediately putting people back to work but you’re also saving families on your energy bills and you’re laying the groundwork for long term energy independence. That’s exactly the kind of program that we should be funding.

Beyond the use of the word “threefer” which I do find a little pathetic Obama is right on the money. He’s entirely right to ask “What would be a more effective stimulus package than that?” It seems as though more Democrats need to call out their Republican counterparts and ask just how tax cuts are stimulative? To me the conservative plan for a stimulus is more of a savings package and less of an economic jolt.